Friday, 27 July 2012

MAC Cream Colour Base: Pearl

MAC Cream Colour Base - Pearl £14.50

Whilst on the search for a new face highlighter, I came across this Cream Colour Base in MAC in the shade Pearl. I am a fan of highlighters, and I love adding a bit of extra glow onto my browbone, cheekbones and occasionally on my cupids bow. I had every intention of purchasing the MSF in soft and gentle, however I wanted something that wasn't too glittery or shimmery.

This highlighter adds a gentle iridescent sheen to the skin, and gives an extra bit of glow where it's needed. I love the colour it gives as it's really subtle and the colour matches my pale skin (and still looks good with my tan too!).  It is described as a pale gold with icy shimmer. You can slightly see the sheen it gives on the swatch above after it was blended in - I love how subtle it looks without any glitter or shininess.

The only problem I have with this highlighter is that it isn't the easiest to apply. I usually just dab it gently onto the necessary areas with my finger, but it isn't too blendable and I find I have to be careful not to rub off my foundation underneath. To stop this happening, I make sure that I warm up the product before applying. I am not really a fan of applying my make-up with my fingers and always opt for a brush wherever possible, so I sometimes apply it with a foundation brush which works OK too. I am also going to try with a make-up sponge too and see how that works! I do love that this product is buildable, however I think a light application looks best!

Overall, I love the look that this highlighter gives, as it isn't at all shiny, but gives a slight glow and sheen to the skin. Having tried this, I now want to branch out to try some different highlighters and see how they compare as I don't quite think this is the 'perfect' one for me - so any recommendations will be very much welcome!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine! Sadly for me I have been stuck at uni finishing off my dissertation and have missed all the glorious weather! Tomorrow I am off to my cousins wedding - and I am a bridemaid so I am veryyy excited, lets hope the weather stays the same :)

What is your highlighter of choice? Are you doing anythign nice this weekend?

As always, I love to hear from everyone!

Ali xx

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