Friday, 1 June 2012

Perfume on a Budget: Zara Femme

After my last perfume post on Zara Rose perfume, I have fallen further in love with a few other Zara perfumes!

I have carried around the small bottle of the Zara Rose perfume in my bag constantly since I purchased it and I still love it, but sadly it is beginning to run out due to repeated use! Whilst shopping in Zara recently, I decided to have a look at a few of the other perfumes and couldn't resist this: Zara Femme Eau de Toilette Natural Spray.

This is much more musky than the Rose perfume, and has less floral undertones. It is still beautifully delicate and feminine and smells as good quality as a high-end perfume. As with most cheaper perfumes, however, it doesn't last very long but it does leave a subtle scent all day. I love the pattern on the bottle, however, I am not too much of a fan of the wooden lid but I certainly can't complain for the price.

This bottle was £9.99 for 80 ml which is an absolute bargain! I am certain there will be a Zara perfume for everyone as the range is quite diverse, with loads of choice. Even the Zara Man aftershaves have proved popular with my boyfriend and are definitely as high quality.

What perfume do you go for on a budget?

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  1. That is a bargain for an 80ml perfume! I will have to try get a sniff soon!

    Lovely blog- following now :)



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