Friday, 7 September 2012

Holiday Snaps: Madrid

Over the summer, in the midst of writing my dissertation, I spent some time in Madrid on holiday with my Boyfriend.  I thought I would share a few snaps and a little update, better late than never!

Madrid is one of my favourite cities, alongisde the fact that my parents live there, it also has beautiful weather, shopping and scenery. I would recommend anyone to go for a romantic city break as there is so much to do and the food (and wine) is amazing! It was so hot while I was there, reaching up to 40 degrees, so we spent most of the time by the pool and going out in the mornings or evenings. One of my favourite days was spent in the park which is so beautiful, with loads going on and things to do, including a boat trip onto the lake, which I have wanted to do for ages and happy I finally did it!

If, like me, you love nice food then Madrid is definitely a place to visit. One of my favourite places to get tapas and drinks, is the market (pictured above). You can choose from anything such fresh fish, ham, traditional foods, paella, many desserts as well as cocktails and a massive range of delicious wines. We also went and had a look around the famous Madrid bull ring which was really interesting and the architecture was amazing. We also had some lovely meals out and obviously, spent some time around my favourite Spanish shops (Especially Zara!).

Aside from going on holiday, I have spent the rest of my summer finishing my dissertation and I have now, finally, finished my Master's degree!!  I am now preparing for my big move to London on Saturday to start work!

I hope everyone had a lovely summer - I would love to hear what you've been up to!

I will be back to more beauty and fashion posts in the next couple of days as things get back to normal!

Ali xxx

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