Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Favourite Highstreet Primers

Left: Rimmel Fix and Perfect
Right: L'oreal Studio Effects

Applying a good primer is the first step in my daily make-up routine and I find it so important to give a good base to apply my foundation. My ideal primer is one that can smooth the appearance of my pores, increase the staying power of my foundation and give a soft polished finish.

Initially, I was surprised at the size of the L'oreal Studio Effects soothing resurfacing primer, and for the large price tag of £14.29 for a small 15ml I didn't think I was getting much for my money. Having said that, a little of this product goes a long way! I find I only need a small amount to cover the necessary areas of my face - I usually apply this on my T-Zone, and on the top of my cheeks where I have a few larger pores. The consistency of this product is really different to a lot of other primers, including the Rimmel Fix and Perfect, but I love it. As you can see from the picture, the L'oreal product is much less liquid, and has more of a mousse consistency whereas the Rimmel one is more like a daily moisturizer. It makes my skin feel velvety and soft, and gives a perfect base to apply foundation. L'oreal say "the combination of soft, light powders gives a matte look and a silky finish" and I would definitely agree! It really does make my make up last all day and the matte finish means I don't have to use a powder which is great.

The Rimmer Fix and Perfect primer is priced at a more affordable £6.99 and is double the amount of product than L'oreal. Rimmel state that this primer gives 5 in 1 results as it smoothes, resurfaces, brightens, mattifies and protects the skin. I find that it does help my foundation last that little bit longer, but compared to the L'oreal primer, it doesn't minimise my pores and it doesn't give much of a matte or brighter finish. On the plus side, it is quite light-weight and feels a lot more mousturising than the L'oreal studio effects primer.

I would recommend Rimmel if you are looking for a cheaper primer because for the money you can't really go wrong! If you are looking to reduce the appearance of pores I would go for the L'oreal primer as I find the effects similar to Benefit Porefessional and it does work wonders. I also think that for the price it is a perfect mid range primer and I agree with all of the claims made by the product, which can't be said for Rimmel. I am currently switching between these products, both prolong the wear of my foundation, but on the days I feel I need a bit of added moisturizer, I go for the Rimmel primer and when I want to minimise my pores and provide a perfect smooth foundation base I go for the L'oreal.

What primer do you use? Are there any other good highstreet primers that you would recommend?


  1. I use the Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer, I think it's about £13 (?) for 30ml but it lasts for ages :)
    I'd quite like to try the L'Oreal one, if only it wasn't in a pot - they don't mix well with long nails!

    1. I can imagine! It is quite wide though so it may be alright! I will have a look at the Gosh primer next time I'm in superdrug, thanks! xx

  2. I almost bout the L'Oreal Primer yesterday!! I wish I had! Great review




  3. Thanks!! It is a really good primer xx

  4. I wasn't blown away by the Rimmel one but really wanna try the Loreal one :)
    Lovely review :)

    Laura xoxo

  5. I love Nars' primer!!

    Cute blog!




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