Sunday, 20 May 2012

Benefit High Beam Dupe

Recently, I went into my local Bodycare shop to restock on some toiletries and came across this - Its made by a brand called 'Technics' and seems to be an almost exact replica of Benefit's High Beam.

I was quite dubious of using a product on my face from a brand I had never heard of, however, for the price of only £1.99 I had to give it a try and see whether it compares. It can also be bought for as little as 50p from amazon!

The packaging is so similar to High Beam, but the brush applicator feels a lot cheaper and doesn't apply quite as smoothly. The resemblance between the effect on the skin of this product and High Beam is quite alike, it gives a subtle highlighting shimmer and if dabbed lightly on the skin it gives a good effect which you can see in the picture above. To apply, I gently dabbed a little bit of the product under my brows and onto my cheekbones with the brush over the top of my foundation and blended it in with my fingertip.

Benefit High Beam has a price tag of £18.50, making a difference of £18 between the two products and I think that if you are a lover of High Beam this is definitely worth a try - even if only to compare!

Would like to hear anyone elses thoughts on this if you have tried it, or if there are any other good cheaper dupes out there!


  1. It looks so similar in packaging! I'd love to see a swatch next to Benefit to really see how close the two are!

  2. I have this and it's great. Technics do some pretty alright stuff!


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