Thursday, 17 May 2012

Estée Lauder Advancer Night Repair / Concentrate

 Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex (£54 for 50 ml) and Advanced Night Repair Concentrate Recovery Boosting Treatment (£70 for 30ml)

The award winning Advanced Night Repair is one of Estée Lauder's prized products and this skincare gem has been passed down to me from my Mum who swears by it! I am definitely one who enjoys a good night-time skincare routine and this is a product I can see myself using for a long time.

The Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex helps reduce the appearance the visible signs of aging, especially lines and uneven skin tone.  It also provides continuous hydration by creating the optimal environment for skin renewal with its key ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid. As it reduces skin redness, I find it excellent for reducing the appearance of any blemishes and my skin looks much more radiant in the morning. I apply this as part of my evening skincare routine, smoothing a few drops onto clean skin over my face and neck. I absolutely love this product, I find that it melts into the skin and the formulation is lovely to apply. It leaves my skin feeling gorgeous and more importantly keeps the signs of aging at bay. I would definitely recommend anyone to add this product into their skincare routine - you won't look back!

If you feel like your skin is in need of an extra boost then the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrate Recovery Boosting Treatment is for you! This product is an intensive boosting serum claiming to help the skin repair the signs of past damage. It is formulated with 5 times the concentration of the normal Advanced Night Repair serum and immediately relieves skin redness and rebuilds the skins moisture barrier. This product is meant to be used in addition to your regular skincare routine every 3-4 months. When used, you should apply 2 full droppers over clean skin for a total of 21 days, followed by your usual moisturiser. This product can also work wonders after excess sun exposure which is perfect for the upcoming months! Having said that, this is on the pricey end of the spectrum, at £70 for 30ml, but as it is a concentrate is does last that bit longer. I am currently in the middle of my first use and I have found my skin to be improving but I am still unsure whether it is worth the money considering the wonderful effects of the Advanced Night Repair and may be a little unnecessary for me.

What do you think of the Advanced Night Repair? Are there any other great face serums?


  1. I've wanted to try this for ages, but the price makes it impossible to buy - despite your persuasive review! xx

  2. I never knew there was two! I wanna try the cheaper one haha (even though it is still expensive haha)

    Lovely review :)

    Laura xoxo

  3. Looks great! I haven't been using any products like this, but rather under eye treatments as my eyes get quite bad! However, I'll have to take a look at this product now!

  4. I reeeeally want to try this! My mom swears by it too, I just haven't taken the plunge. I've not tried any face serums as I was wary of them feeling greasy but I'm desperate to try this! x

  5. I want to try this but the price puts me off. I personally love the sanctuary spa therapist facial oil. That's amazing.

  6. This is one of my beauty stats, can't find anything better.


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