Thursday, 5 April 2012

Perfume on a Budget: Zara Rose

The perfect summer perfume - on a budget! This beautiful floral scent is both delicate and feminine and is a fraction of the price of high end perfumes. I find this smell to be extremely similar to Dior J'adore, which I think is a classic, expensive smelling perfume! 

The only problem I have with this product is that it doesn't last too long and I find that I have to re-spray often. On the upside, it is perfectly handbag sized and only costs an astonishing €5.95 (I bought it from a Zara in Madrid, but I am sure you can also find it in the UK for about £5!). I also think that the packaging is quite cute and minimal and perfect to carry around in your bag and to use as an everyday perfume.  

There is a massive range of perfumes in Zara which I find to resemble the scent of a range of other, more expensive perfumes, so there is definitely something for everybody!

Have you ever tried Zara perfumes?


  1. This looks so nice :) Your photos look so pretty!!

  2. I love Zara perfume! I think I like the one called Chocolate best although I'm not to sure on the name!
    Love your blog x

  3. I nearly picked this up yesterday! I love rose based perfumes and really liked this. I've had a Zara perfume before and the scent of that didn't last too long either, but for the price you can spritz away I think!x


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