Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sephora Foundation Brush

My old foundation brush from Stilla was in desperate need of replacing so I picked up this one in Spain from Sephora's Innovative Technology range. I was really tempted to get the stippling brush but after having a little try in the shop I went for this one instead.

The style and look of this brush is almost identical to the Real Techniques brushes. I quite like the pink packaging as it makes it different, I am not too fussy when it comes to my make-up brushes all looking the same! I absolutely love the fact it comes with a protective case which is great for when I want to travel with it in my make-up bag to keep it from getting dirty! The brush itself is really great quality and lightweight and I think it will last well. The only annoying thing is that it is really long and I have trouble squeezing it into my make-up bag when I want to travel!!

My choice to get this one over the Sephora or the Real Techniques stippling brush was a hard one. In the end I went for this one as I thought this would take less foundation to produce the same effect, however I think the stippling brush would produce a more natural looking effect. I used to use a mixture of foundation brush and make-up spounge but got a bit tired of swapping them around and I have found that this gives such a great effect when used alone. It is so easy to blend and buff the make-up into my skin. Compared with my previous experience of foundation brushes, this one doesn't just paint the foundation onto my skin. I think the price of the brush was reasonable, at around €17, it compares well to other brands.

I am definitely contemplating buying a few more of these brushes, or trying out the real techniques range.

I am interested in hearing other peoples views of the difference between this style of brush and the stippling brushes because I definitely found the choice a hard one! What do you prefer for foundation application? Are there any other great brushes I should try?


  1. I really, really, really wish we had a Sephora in England! I have the Real Techniques stippling brush but I use it for applying BB creams. I'd definitely recommend it for a natural finish! I've never found a foundation brush I really get on with but I really like the look of this one!x

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  3. Lovely post! Cute blog.

    Emma x


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