Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Secret to Volumised Hair!

Schwarzkpof Got2b Powder'ful volumizing styling powder, L'oreal Super Dust, John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditoner, Lee Stafford Double Blow Volumizing Mousse

This is about the amount I use on my hair to give it loads of volume!

Most people love adding a bit of extra body and life to limp hair to create a more healthy look, especially in the summer months! Here is a selection of my favourite and most used products - my secret to volumised hair!

In my opinion, the most outstanding product from this selection has to be the Lee Stafford volumizing mousse. I have really long, heavy and limp hair and this works wonders! It leaves my hair soft without any stickiness or hardness, which I usually get from mousse, due to its light hold formula.

To use, I apply half a handful evenly onto wet hair concentrating it on my roots and spreading it through the rest of my hair. I then dry my hair as usual with a hairdryer (I find it is much more effective if I use a blow dry brush or turn my head upside down!). To add even more volume to my already bouncy locks, I add another half handful to my dry hair and give it a final blast with my hairdryer. Afterwards, my hair is left with natural body and bounce which lasts all day! It has quite a nice scent and it isn't too strong or overpowering.  I have found that the effect lasts quite a long time, I love the bright pink packaging and the pump works  really well.

This product has quickly become part of my daily hair styling routine as I use it before both straighening and curling -I definitely could not live without it and wouldn't change to any other mousse.

Back when I had blonde hair, John Frieda Blonde Shampoo used to be my saviour. When I reverted back to brunette, I also stopped using their shampoo and conditioners - until recently! This volume range is perfect to add that extra bounce to limp hair like mine. It smells lovely and also leaves my hair soft and nourished. I tend to change between colour protecting shampoo and the volume shampoo (Hence the smaller bottle) but I use the conditioner daily when I want volume! I only apply the conditioner to my hair from my ears downwards to stop my roots from becomng greasy and limp.

I have only recently become a fan of volumizing powder, as previously I have found them to be too sticky and stopped me being able to touch my hair at all after applying. After trying both of the above products I have found them to be much more manageable than others I have tried. I prefer the feel of the powder by L'oreal, but I like the application of the Schwarzkopf product as it dusts the powder over a larger area meaning that it doesn't concentrate in a particular place. I find these work best if a light dusting is applied to the roots underneath the top layer of hair, to prevent white patches on your head. I then rub it into my hair with my fingers, messing up the roots slightly. These are great products for instant style and volume. Even though I think they might be more suited to those with shorter styles, they are still effective on my long hair. For me, these products are perfect for a night out especially when teamed with the mousse, but in the day time I prefer my hair much softer so I tend to stick to my other favourites!

What are your favourite volumising products?


  1. Must try the Lee Stafford mousse - im a big mousse fan! Im currently using Mark Hills 'Va Va Voom' and loving it :) Big fan of Lee Stafford products so ill pick this up next time i'm in Boots :) I also use the got2b powder - really want to try the tresemme version ive heard muchos good things about that xx

  2. Oooh I really want to try the Lee Stafford mousse now! I really like the Backcomb in a Bottle but I find it a little too 'heavy' for the day. I used to love Toni and Guy Boost It Mousse but they've discontinued it boo! I'vhe tried the Tresemme powder too, it's definitely good for a bit of volume but I really hate that sticky feeling ha! I might have to try the got2b next time!x x


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