Friday, 24 August 2012

Perfume on a Budget: Zara Woman: Black

Zara is undoubtedly my favourite high street shop, a perfect mix of classic, trend and quality pieces for a reasonable price. One of Zara's little gems which often goes unnoticed has to be their perfume range. I have owned three other perfumes that I have loved and my most recent purchase is another winner!

You can buy these in both small and larger sizes, I opted for the small 30ml as its perfect to fit into my handbag to use on the go. I bought this in Europe where the prices are a little cheaper and picked it up for a bargain price of 5.95, I think in the UK you can get it for around £7.95.

This is a great evening scent as it is less floral than my previous perfumes, Zara Rose and Zara Femme. Its a beautiful, delicate yet womanly fragrance and as with the majority of Zara perfumes, smells much more expensive! Also, contrary to what you might think, it also lasts quite a long time before the smell wares off.

I swear by Zara's cheap perfume alternativesfor those months in between christmas and birthdays when, as a student, I can't quite justify forking out a fortune for something I can get for the fraction of the price!

Have you ever tried this perfume or any of the other offerings from Zara?

Ali xxx

Have you ever tried

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  1. This is one of my favourite perfumes! I'd love to try some more zara perfumes! X


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