Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation


I often like to switch between a more expensive foundation and a good, yet cheaper high street foundation in the effort of saving money - I am a student after all! I knew it would take something special to lure me away from my current favourite but I didn't expect it to be so easy! I decided to give this one from Bourjois a try as it was on offer and was I quite intrigued, yet slightly dubious of its claims.

This is the latest foundation from Bourjous - ‘123 Perfect’ which claims to perfect your complexion with three different pigments: Yellow for dark circles, Mauve for dull complexions and Green to tackle redness.

The consistency of this foundation is medium, possibly leaning towards the heavy side yet it melts so easily onto the skin and feels so lightweight and smooth - which I find unusual for the amount of coverage it gives you. The formula is enriched with cotton flower giving 24 hour hydrating benefits and allowing the skin to breathe. It also contains SPF10 to shield the skin from UV rays which is always a plus. The results of the 123 Perfect Foundation boast an even, flawless and anti-shine complexion, and I definitely agree.  I found that the effects last all day on my skin without the need for any extra powder touch-ups. I have also found that I need to wear less concealer when wearing this, especially under the eye, leaving me with radiant skin which is the perfect mix between a healthy glow and matte finish.
One downside to this foundation range is that it only comes in 5 shades yet on the up-side they are super blend-able and I find it really matches my skin tone so maybe there is one there for you too! I use number 52 Vanilla.

I am looking forward to trying the concealer to see whether it matches up to the foundation! Overall, a great product and what a bargain!

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