Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Valentina de Valentino Perfume

I thought I would share my favourite perfume at the moment. I got this recently and I think its such a unique scent!

This is a very floral/fruity perfume whilst also being quite delicate, and I think it smells quite expensive too! I think it is a mixture between girly and sophisticated and the apparent notes feature bergamot, white truffle, white flowers, strawberry, cedar, amber and vanilla.

Aside from the gorgeous smell, the bottle is beautiful too! I got mine in a set, with some lovely body lotion, which is really smoothing and long-lasting and comes in a bottle of similar design to the perfume. The box was also lovely, and has a potential use as a jewellery or decorative box. The only downside to this perfume, which I think is quite important, is that is has no lid, and I would worry if I packed it in my suitcase to take away with me!

At the moment, this is my new favourite perfume (I do change it frequently!) and would recommend it as it is unique and smells beautiful!

What do you think? Does anyone else have love perfume?

Ali xxx

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